Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bruahadaaranyaka Upanishad -2

In this second chapter the discussion is between Maharshi Gargya and a King Jaatha satru.

In this chapter the detailed discussion of the brahma thathwam is given in which mind-intellect-vaak-indriyas-aathama thawa-paramaathwathathwa- god-divinity-awareness-consciousness etc are discussed in detail.

This chapter has six parts which are also known brahmanas.The third chapter has 9 brahmanas which discuss various aspects connected with the day to day spiritual life including that connected with yagaas. This chapter is narrated as the discussion between Maharshi Yajnavalkhya and Janaka Maharaja. In this chapter discussion includes the role of the priests of the yaagas, karma, karma phala, death, and the path of jeevathama after death, the role of sanyaasa, theknowledge of Vedas and its merits, the creation of various cosmic components including galaxies - planets-stars- comets-etc..

The secondpart of this chapter is the discussion between Maharshi Gargya andMaharshi Yajnavalkhya and the subject matter include 33 devathaas, 8vasus, 11 rudras and 12 aadithyas.

The last part of this chapter is the explanation given by Maharshi Sakalya. In the fourth chapter of the Upanishads discussion is focusing on various opinions/religions existed in ancient India which explain the brahma thathwam . These religions were known as Sailini matham, Udanka matham, Barku atham,Bharadwaaja matham, Saaklaya matham..

All these mathams are various descriptions given on the absolute truth which is the brahma thathwam. For a science student these descriptions can be combined as the awareness, consciousness and various forms of energy ( perhaps this subject is very deep and may not be in a position to understand for a common man). We all should understand that Bruhad aranyaka Upanishad is very tough to understand without a commentary.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bruahadaaranyaka Upanishad

Bruahadaaranyaka Upanishad is one among the most important ten Upanishads, and the second of the sukla Yajurveda Upanishads.. It is literally a big (bruhad) Upanishad having six chapters. Each chapter has further been subdivided into brahmanas. Here the word brahmana is used only to inform that one particular message/ description is given in this part.

There are many bahrmanas (parts) in each chapter. Each of the brahmanas has a particular name also. The name reflects the message included in that part. In the first chapter of brauhadaaranyaka Upanishad, the descriptions go like creation of seven horses of sun (aswa ulpatti brahmana), the formation/ creation of sun (aaditya srushti brahmana), creation of this world from the sun ( Jagath srushti.) , formation of the earth from the sun ( bhoo srushti)... description of jeevaathma.., paramaathma, what is meant by asura and deva, in its philosophical meaning, creation of the living beings, creation of man, formation of dharma for men, both varna and asrama dharma, the relation among pancha jnaana indriyas, pancha karmendriyas, pancha praana, pancha bhootha.. the relation between vaak and mana ( speech and mind), detailed description of brahma chaitanya / brahmam.

This Upanishad gives an abstract of the deep message on the absolute truth / fact /essence of the world and its manifestation as everything in the world ( the theory of everything or M theory). For an in-depth understanding one needs to study the commentary of the Upanishads written by great modern and ancient Rushies..